Important Software that You Must Install on Your Computer

Posted by Tony Pelham Monday, November 26, 2012 1 comments

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In fact, after you reinstall your computer or you just buy a computer, maybe you confuse about choosing software to install on your computer. This article maybe gives you consideration about software which will beinstalled on your computer.

Motherboard Driver

After you had been installed operating system. Firstly, you should install after that is motherboard driver. Installing motherboard driver is important to get optimum motherboard using.


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This is important for you. If you don’t install it, you don’t have security system on your computer and it can destroy your computer system. This is one reason why your computer getting slow. So, before it happens, make sure your computer had been installed by antivirus.
This is also important software you should have. Sometimes you or your friend need to process with office application like documents, presentations, statistic, etc. Recently, there are two office applications you can use. Paid version (like Microsoft office) or free version (Open office)


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Now, internet is important to get reference and knowledge you want to know. Sometimes information in internet is more up-to-date than TV. Browser software can facilitate you to surf the web and get information in internet easily.


The other important software is compression application. If you download files on internet, sometimes that file had been compressed. To open it, you must have compression application. For example about compression software is such as: WinZip, 7Zip, WinRar, etc.

PDF Reader

You also should have PDF reader. This application is used to open file with *.pdf format extension. You can install Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader, Nitro PDF, etc to read PDF files.

The Other Software You Should Have

With that five software on above, your computer actually is already be used correctly. It is standard software you should have. But to maximize computer using, this is additional software to complete it.

Download Manager

This software is great to manage and maximize download speed. With this software, a shortage of browser software can be covered. Actually, browser software can use to download files on internet but, the speed to download is resentful. Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the one recommended software I suggest for you. Although there are many download manager software you can use but, still IDM is greater for me, maybe for you too.

Media Player

Do you like playing music and video? You need media player software to facilitate it. There is default media player if you use Windows as you operating system. It is Windows Media Player. But, I like to add media player with other software like Jet Audio or other. Sometimes default media player can’t cover some audio or video format. To fix this problem, adding other media player software is the one good option.


For long time, in fact, your computer will become slow. There is a reason why it happens. With utility, you can clean junk files in your computer and get performance than before. Use utility software like TuneUp Utility, CCleaner or other utility software to make your computer better.

Other Software

Are you gamer, designer, blogger? Use the other software as match you need. If you are designer, Adobe Master Collection still the best choice for you, or 3Ds Max if your 3D designer. If you are blogger, I can sure that you are not strange about market samurai, windows live writer software. They are good stuff for blogger. If you are gamer, there are many games you can install on your computer to release your gaming soul in yourself.
Title: Important Software that You Must Install on Your Computer
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